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TXTR016 From Deep Learning to AI Philosophy: The Technology Behind ChatGPT


Stefanie Reinhold
Jenny Perelli
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Welcome to our podcast about ChatGPT, the latest thinking engine from OpenAI. We dared to take a critical look at the all-rounder and consider different perspectives: How good is ChatGPT really? What are the opportunities and risks of interacting with artificial intelligence? How does it influence our coexistence and what ethical questions arise? We dive into the technology behind ChatGPT, discuss its possibilities and limitations, and shed light on the question: Is ChatGPT the forerunner of a better future or a potential danger to humanity?

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In our webinar, we take a look at the chatbot without the hype and what actually remains.

In our guide, you’ll learn all about ChatGPT’s family, its evolution, and how the technology actually works.